1 abandon walk out on abandonar
2 abscond* run away, depart secretly fugarse, huir
3 accompany go with accompañar
4 amble walk slowly or leisurely; stroll pasear
5 ambulate walk from place to place; move about. pasear
6 approach come near  acercarse
7 arrive come to a destination llegar
8 ascend go or move upward subir
9 be off* I'm off me voy
10 beat it* leave hurriedly. salir de prisa
11 bolt run away hechar a correr, salir disparado
12 bound jump ir dando saltos
13 canter way an animal or person moves, walks ir a medio galope
14 caper leap or frisk about correr y brincar
15 cavort* bound or prance about vea: prance
16 chase run after, pursue persguir
17 clamber to climb by holding on with hands and feet trepar
18 clear out* irse , largarse
19 climb go upwards subir
20 coast move effortlessly and smoothly. See Synonyms at slide avanzar sin esfuerzo; vea también: slide
21 come venir
22 crawl creep arrastrarse, gatear
23 creep arrastrarse
24 cross move or go across (something) cruzar, atravesar
25 cruise travel at a steady speed ir a velocidad constante
26 cut and run retirarse
27 dally lag, linger loiter vea lag,loiter,linger
28 dance bailar
29 dart race away correr como una flecha
30 dash run or move very quickly or hastily ir corriendo
31 dawdle move aimlessly or lackadaisically andar sin rumbo o muy despacio
32 decamp* depart secretly or suddenly esfumarse*
33 depart go away partir
34 descend walk down descender
35 ditch* ditch (the police) escaparse de (la policía)
36 dive rush headlong similar a 'lunge'
37 dodder* walk unsteadily andar tambaleándose o con paso inseguro
38 drag move slowly or with effort caminar lento o con esfuerzo
39 drift move aimlessly ir a la deriva
40 elude escape eludir, escaparse
41 enter come into a place entrar
42 escape run away quickly escaparse
43 escort go or travel along with acompañar
44 evade run away from confinement eludir, evadir
45 exit salir
46 fade run away, depart secretly salir corriendo, salir secretivamente
47 fare travel, go viajar, ir
48 file walk in line desfilar
49 flee run away huir
50 follow go or come after seguir
51 foot it* ir a pata*
52 footslog walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud ir a marchas pesadas
53 ford cross (a river) over a shallow area  vadear
54 forge ahead advance gradually but steadily seguir adelante
55 frisk move about briskly brincar
56 fuck off** used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal ¡Vete!
57 gad move about restlessly and with little purpose callejear
58 gallivant run around callejear
59 gallop galopar
60 get in / out or off+C27 entrar / salir
61 get lost* go away ¡Vete!
62 glide deslizarse
63 go ir,andar
64 hang around loiter callejear
65 hasten move swiftly ir rápido
66 head towards dirigirse a
67 hightail* largarse
68 hike go on an extended walk caminar
69 hit the road* get going empezar a viajar
70 hoof it* ir a pata*
71 hop jump on one leg saltar con un pie
72 hotfoot ir corriendo
73 hurry move with speed or haste ir de prisa
74 hurtle race away ir a toda velocidad
75 inch move or cause to move slowly or by small degrees avanzar lentamente
76 invade invadir
77 jaunt make a short journey hacer un viaje corto
78 jog correr
79 journey viajar
80 jump saltar
81 knock about* vea: roam, wander
82 lag ir a la zaga
83 lead go at the head of guiar
84 leap saltar
85 leave go away salir
86 leg it* ir a pata*
87 limp walk with faltering step cojear
88 linger proceed slowly; saunter; hang around, stroll
89 locomote caminar, andar
90 loiter  proceed slowly or with many stops vea:hang around, stroll
91 lumber walk with heavy clumsiness avanzar pesadamente
92 lunge move with a lunge lanzarse adelante repentinamente
93 lurch stagger tambalearse
94 make for | off dirigirse a | irse
95 march marchar
96 meander wander without definite aim or direction vagar, deambular
97 migrate move from one country or region and settle in another emigrar
98 mince walk with very short steps or with exaggerated primness caminar con afectación
99 move change in position from one point to another avanzar, ponerse en camino
100 outdistance go far ahead dejar atrás
101 outpace go faster than  dejar atrás
102 outrun run faster than  dejar atrás (corriendo)
103 pace walk with long deliberate steps. caminar lentamente con pasos largos
104 pad walk about almost inaudibly. caminar con pasos suaves
105 parade march in a public procession desfilar
106 pass move on or ahead; proceed. pasar
107 patrol patrullar
108 pelt along run or move very quickly or hastily correr rapido
109 perambulate walk about; roam or stroll. pasearse
110 peregrinate journey or travel from place to place, especially on foot viajar
111 piss off ** used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal ¡raja!*
112 plod walk heavily or laboriously; trudge caminar lenta y pesadamente
113 prance walk with exaggerated movements brincar
114 proceed Formal to walk or go avanzar
115 promenade go on a leisurely walk pasear(se)
116 pull out retirarse, irse
117 quit leave irse, marcharse
118 race move rapidly or at top speed ir corriendo
119 ramble walk about casually pasear
120 recede withdraw or retreat. retirarse
121 retire move back or away; recede. retirarse
122 retreat move away or backward retirarse
123 return go or come back volver
124 reverse move in the opposite direction. dar marcha atrás
125 roam move about without purpose or plan; wander vagar, desambular por
126 romp run or advance in a rapid or easy manner correr alegremente
127 rove wander about at random recorrer
128 run move swiftly on foot correr
129 rush move swiftly; hurry correr
130 sally rush out or leap forth suddenly. ir adelante repentinamente
131 sashay walk in a casual or showy manner: andar pavoneándose
132 saunter walk at a leisurely pace; stroll andar a paso desprecupado
133 scamper run about hurriedly or quickly correr, corretear
134 scoot go suddenly and speedily; hurry irse a toda prisa
135 scram* leave immediately largarse, rajar
136 scramble move or climb hurriedly, especially on the hands and knees trepar apresuradamente
137 scud 1-race away | 2-move aimlessly vea: 1-dart | 2-amble
138 scuffle walk by dragging one's feet caminar arrastrando los pies
139 scurry go with light running steps; scamper. correr, corretear
140 scuttle run or move with short hurried movements; scurry correr
141 set off / forward / out start a journey comenzar un viaje
142 shamble walk or move along in an awkward shuffling way caminar arrastrando los pies
143 shoot run or move very quickly or hastily ir rápido
144 shuffle walk by dragging one's feet caminar arrastrando los pies
145 sidestep step aside hacerse a un lado
146 sidle move unobtrusively or furtively moverse o desplazarse sigilosamente
147 skedaddle
148 skip jump lightly ir brincando
149 skitter 1-move about hurriedly | 2-skip or glide quickly 1-corretear | 2-correr resbalando
150 slide move smoothly deslizarse, resbalarse
151 slink To move in a quiet furtive manner; sneak ir sigilosamente
152 slip move smoothly and quietly or stealthily | slide involuntarily correrse, patinar
153 slog walk or progress with a slow heavy pace; plod caminar trabajosamente
154 slosh walk through water or mud caminar através agua o barro
155 slouch walk with an awkward, drooping, excessively relaxed posture caminar (arrastrando los pies)
156 sneak in / out or away go furtively entrar / salir a hurtadillas
157 speed go somewhere quickly ir rápido
158 split* depart; leave salir
159 sprint run a short distance at top speed esprintar, correr
160 stagger walk unsteadily tambalearse
161 stalk 1-pursue stealthily | 2- walk (haughty or angry) 1-acechar | 2-caminar (altivo o enojado)
162 start begin a journey arrancar, salir
163 steal (+ adverb complement) go stealthily ir sigilosamente
164 step move with the feet (in a particular manner) pisar
165 storm (+ adverb) move violently andar como un vendaval
166 straggle stray or fall behind rezagarse
167 stray wander (away) apartarse, alejarse
168 streak* 1- move at high speed | 2 - run naked 1 - correr rapido | 2 - hacer streaking
169 stride walk with long steps ir dando grandes zancadas
170 stroll walk along or through at a leisurely pace pasearse, dar un paseo
171 strut walk with pompous bearing; swagger pavonearse
172 stumble 1-walk unsteadily | 2-trip and almost fall while walking 1-caminar de manera insegura | 2-tropezar
173 stump walk heavily or clumsily caminar pisando fuerte
174 swagger walk or conduct oneself with an insolent or arrogant air; strut. caminar con aire arrogante
175 swarm 1-move quickly and in large numbers | 2-climb (a rope) 1- correr (multitud) | 2-trepar
176 sweep move swiftly in a lofty manner, as if in a trailing robe correr orgullosamente
177 tag (after) go with, follow closely accompañar, seguir
178 take a walk dar un paseo
179 tear (+ adverb complement) hurry or rush ir a toda velocidad
180 tiptoe walk or move quietly on one's toes caminar a puntillas
181 toddle walk with short, unsteady steps manera de caminar (de un niño)
182 totter walk unsteadily or feebly; stagger tambalearse
183 tour travel from place to place recorrer
184 trail walk behind, follow seguir
185 traipse* to walk heavily or tiredly recorrerse, patearse (penosamente)
186 tramp walk heavily, hike caminar pesadamente
187 travel (on foot) go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey viajar (a pie)
188 traverse travel or pass across, over, or through atravesar
189 tread walk on, over, or along pisar, andar
190 trek journey on foot viajar a pie
191 trip stumble tropezar
192 troop move or go as a throng. marchar en un grupo
193 trot go or move at a trot; proceed rapidly; hurry trotar
194 trudge walk in a laborious, heavy-footed way; plod caminar con dificultad
195 trundle move heavily on or as if on wheels: moverse/caminar pesadamente
196 usher she ushered us to the door accompañar (nos accompañó hasta...)
197 vamoose* run away, depart secretly largarse*
198 voyage make a long a journey viajar
199 waddle walk heavily and clumsily with a pronounced sway caminar como un pato
200 wade walk in or through water caminar (por el agua)
201 walk go or travel on foot caminar, andar
202 waltz 1-dance the waltz | 2-move in a relaxed and confident way 1-bailar el vals | 2-recorrer bailando
203 wander walk about without any definite purpose or destination pasear, vagar
204 wend one´s way go one's way; proceed. ponerse en camino
205 withdraw move or draw back; retreat retirarse
206 wobble move unsteadily caminar tambaleándose
207 zip along* move along very fast ir a todo trapo*