Finding North (Continued)

The obvious choice  - a  magnetic compass - is not a very good one, since the compass will point to magnetic north, which, depending on your location in the world, can vary a great deal from true north. Apart from that, compasses are not terribly accurate their reading being influenced by any disturbance of the weak magnetic field of the earth.
Fortunately there are quite a few ways of  finding north without a compass as are shown at this website:

Here is another potentially very accurate method
Suspend a weight (for instance a stone, a metal nut  etc.) with a thin string (several feet long) above a horizontal surface. To keep this pendulum from swinging  it is a good idea to have the weight submerged in a small container  with some viscous liquid (water, oil or whatever, anything is better than air).
At solar noon the shadow of the string will indicate the exact geographic north-south line.